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Frequently Asked Questions

The BrainyLearn platform (web interface and iOS and Android applications) presents in a structured manner various training offers intended both for professionals in the concerned fields and for individuals wishing to deepen their knowledge. BrainyLearn gathers the offers and checks their quality. BrainyLearn is solely responsible for the publication of training courses and does not act as a content creator. In the general conditions of use, BrainyLearn sets the framework governing the subscription to training offers as well as the use of the platform. The processing of student data is detailed in the data protection policy.
Yes, registration is free! Registration to the BrainyLearn e-learning platform is required to use the training offers. The student who registers nevertheless enters into a contract with BrainyLearn relating to the use of the e-learning platform. The student agrees not to misuse the e-learning platform by accepting the general conditions of use before registration.
BrainyLearn provides access to a great deal of information and quality services from training partners. A lot of general information is accessible to everyone. However, booking a course is not possible without prior registration on the platform. All information and course offers are non-binding. Some of the content is only accessible after the student has registered. Certain additional functions, such as an overview of reserved, ongoing or already completed training courses are available in the personal area. At any time, the student also has the possibility to modify his user profile and his password.
The price is indicated in the description of the training. Payment is made directly through the e-learning platform. When the reservation is confirmed, the purchase becomes final and access to training is released.
The maximum duration of access to training is defined in the description of the training concerned. At the end of this period, access to training is automatically closed.
The personal panel is the student’s user profile through which he has access to a lot of information such as personal profile, course management, saving learning status, etc.
Pursuant to article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution and the provisions in force according to the Data Protection Act (DPA), everyone has the right to the protection of their private life and to protection against fraudulent use of their personal data. BrainyLearn takes the protection of your personal data very seriously and treats it confidentially and in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations and our privacy policy. By using the platform, you agree to the collection, processing and use of data in accordance with our data protection policy. Part of the BrainyLearn platform can be visited without prior registration. For offers with registration and login the provisions of our privacy policy apply. During visits to the platform, certain data is saved for statistical purposes on the server, without this data being able to be linked to you. Personal data, including name, address or email address, is collected on a voluntary basis when you register on certain occasions. BrainyLearn uses all data mentioned here exclusively internally and does not pass it on to third parties.
For BrainyLearn, learning is a universal right. We are committed to creating a global community that benefits each of our students! Our training offers are therefore accessible to individuals all over the world. Depending on the law applicable in certain countries, restrictions may however exist.